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How to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving

How to Have a Sustainable Thanksgiving

How often do you ask yourself, ​“Where does this apple come from?” If your answer is ​“the grocery store,” bravo, you were probably the snarky kid in…

Nine Gift Ideas to Turn Your Black Friday Green

Nine Gift Ideas to Turn Your Black Friday Green

Are you planning to muscle through the hordes for some deals this Friday? How about cutting a deal for the environment while you’re…

Snuff Out Open Burning

Snuff Out Open Burning

Each fall turns our Indiana foliage into a glowing blaze of fiery red, yellow, and orange. While it may be tempting to fuel the autumn flame by…

Alternative Fuels Mythbusters: Electric

Alternative Fuels Mythbusters: Electric

Twenty years ago, the phrase ​“electric car” probably conjured images of a green, dome-shaped hovercraft putt-puttering across an open and…

Clean Up Your Back-To-School Routine

Clean Up Your Back-To-School Routine

There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your kids. You stay up late to check their homework. You wake up early to pack their lunches. You call roll in…

​These Pokemon will help you breathe easier

These Pokemon will help you breathe easier

By now, you might be getting over the wandering hordes of knee-socked, backpack-strapped, middle-aged adults taking up more than their fair share of…