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ceAre you good, better or best at eating your way to a healthier environment?

ceAre you good, better or best at eating your way to a healthier environment?

You are what you eat, or so it goes. Two words: cinnamon rolls. We all have our weaknesses, right? The same goes for whole communities, and…

Alternative Fuels Mythbusters: Biodiesel

Alternative Fuels Mythbusters: Biodiesel

Welcome to the second post in our series covering myths and facts of alternative fuels. If you missed the first about ethanol, check it out here.…

Quit It Already

Quit It Already

We all know that smoking is really, really bad for you. Tobacco and chemicals in cigarettes cause damage throughout the body, and not only to lungs…

Gardens Are Growing in Indy

Gardens Are Growing in Indy

‘Tis the season for mud, earthworms, seedlings, and gardening gloves. It’s one of our favorites. Gardening offers an outlet for people from all walks…

The Ins and Outs of Recycling

The Ins and Outs of Recycling

The most obvious reasons for recycling are also the most familiar. We think about overflowing landfills or that Iron Eyes Cody ad campaign from the…

Join us for BIKE FEST!

Join us for BIKE FEST!

When we talk about biking, it’s usually to trumpet its environmental and health benefits. In our pursuit of data and science, we often overlook one…