Are you planning to muscle through the hordes for some deals this Friday? How about cutting a deal for the environment while you’re at it?

Add some green to Black Friday this year by scoping out some eco-friendly gift ideas everyone on your list—and the air—will love.

Give a gift that keeps giving...and giving and giving. Few things are as rewarding as growing your own food or a beautiful garden, and fewer things are better for the air than more green. Just because there may be snow on the ground this Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t gift a bit of life to the green thumb on your list.

Know someone who’s always on the go? Help them get there, and clear the air at the same time by encouraging active commuting.

Eco-friendly gifts for others on your list might not be so obvious, but here’s where you can get creative.

The holidays are meant to be a time for giving thanks, and showing friends and family you care. However, they can quickly turn into a time of over-consumption, leaving all of us—and the environment—overwhelmed. By giving environmentally conscious gifts, you can make this holiday more meaningful while making it easier on the air we breathe at the same time.