Despite one half of its traditional, green and red color palette, the holiday season isn’t the greenest time of year. Household waste increases an average of 25% in the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year. There are ways to cut back on holiday waste — many of them as simple as opting for recycled wrapping paper. The best part about about cutting back on your environmental footprint this season is that it often leaves you with more time (and cash) to spend with friends and family.




These are only a few of the many ways you can have a green holiday season. You can also make a difference by driving and flying less, eating leftovers from get-togethers instead of throwing them out, hand-making or only purchasing gifts from fair-trade businesses, etc., etc. The list is nearly as long as Old Saint Nick’s.

The holidays are about showing the ones closest to you how much you appreciate them. So make sure you do something nice for the air this year, too.