Welcome to Clear the Air!

Similar to our hopes and dreams for the future of Indianapolis, our hopes and dreams for this blog are that it will become a gathering place for people who care about and practice sustainability in order to build stronger, more liveable communities. Sound lofty? We don’t think so. But we’re a sort that tends to have our head in the clouds.

Poke around while you’re here, and visit us often. You can stay up to date on every post by following us on social. You’ll find information on the environmental, societal and health impacts of air quality, as well as tips for living and conducting business more sustainably - from us and from our guest bloggers. We will also post updates for news and events happening around Central Indiana, so you’ll find out about plenty of opportunities to help improve the quality of air in your neighborhood.

Together, we can work to make Central Indiana home to some of the most sustainable and livable communities the Midwest has to offer.

Come on, Indiana, let’s clear the air!