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Benxylammonahyde is Coming From My What?!

How often do you think about what’s in the air you breathe? You might give it a thought when you’re outside exercising, and probably when you see a Knozone Action Day alert. “Air pollution” usually refers to the air outside, but what about the air inside your house, or inside your workplace?

Indoor air pollution can often be worse than outdoor pollution and usually comes from unassuming sources. We’ve covered some of those before. Here are some of the common pollutants that may be sneaking indoors and the health problems they bring with them.

Your home should be your haven, not a harbor for things that could make you sick. Here are some ways you can get rid of these toxins in your home:

  • Keep windows open when weather allows to circulate air through your home.
  • New carpet can shed VOCs for several months, even years, but this is most intense during the first days or weeks after installation. Let new carpet air out by opening windows and doors. Better yet, replace synthetic carpet with VOC-free hardwood or bamboo.
  • Purchase used or solid wood furniture.
  • Store paints, lacquers, adhesives, hobby supplies, etc., far from living spaces and in separate sheds or buildings if possible. Always dispose of hazardous material properly.
  • Use green and plant-based products for everyday cleaning.
  • Use computers, printers, and other office equipment in well ventilated areas and take frequent breaks when using them.
  • Use houseplants to filter toxins from the air in your home or office.

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