The Central Indiana Clean Air Partnership (CICAP) was founded in 2007 as an initiative of the City of Indianapolis to give the business community a meaningful role in promoting air quality in the city. Since its inception, more than 225 businesses and organizations have committed themselves to the CICAP program. Membership is free and completely voluntary, and methods for implementation are easy. 

Central Indiana Clean Air Partnership

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Thank you for making Indianapolis a more sustainable, livable city by becoming a CICAP member. Your actions will help improve the air quality in the city, drawing more commerce and employees to Indianapolis. Please complete this form to get started.

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  • Your Committments

    Please select the commitment(s) your organization is willing to make:
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  • Business Practices
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  • As a CICAP member, you may receive CICAP marketing materials free of charge. Please check which of the following your organization would like to receive:
  • You will receive confirmation of membership once your application is approved. Your CICAP membership will last for three years. You will be contacted with renewal options prior to expiration. By submitting this application, you agree to receive email, mail and/or other communication related to your membership from Knozone and CICAP.

    By submitting this application, I agree that my organization will implement the commitments specified above throughout the duration of our three-year CICAP membership.

As a CICAP member, you will:

  • Receive a list of voluntary actions your organization and employees can implement to help reduce ozone, particulate matter and other air pollutants.
  • Get advance notification of Knozone Action Days so you can encourage your employees to take voluntary actions to lessen negative impacts on air quality.
  • Have access to promotional materials like signage, window decals and web badges to publicize your CICAP membership.
  • Connect with local businesses and organizations with shared values of improving the environment.

Clean air comes with benefits.

  • Businesses can save as much as 75 percent of lighting costs by switching to energy-efficient lighting systems.
  • Biking to work reduces the number of parking spaces needed and helps employees stay in top physical shape so they take less time off and are more productive at work.
  • Cleaner air means fewer air pollution-related illnesses, requiring employers to spend less money on employee medical treatments and absenteeism.
  • Environmental initiatives boost employee morale, making them more invested and productive.

Committing to CICAP is easy.

Here are some things your organization can do to help the air:

  • Provide incentives for customers to park and enter your business instead of using a drive-thru window.
  • Publish air quality tips in a company newsletter.
  • Implement a fleet refueling policy so fuel is pumped at the end of the day during summer months to reduce emissions.
  • Incentivize an employee carpooling program.
  • Encourage biking to work by providing on-site bike racks and showers.
  • Draft and implement an energy conservation plan.

For a complete list of actions your organization can take, download our tips sheet.

When you become a CICAP member, you’ll receive:

  • Your company logo on
  • Complimentary web badge for your organization’s website promoting CICAP membership.
  • Complimentary window decals that will help you publicize your commitments to clean air.
  • Idle Free Zone signage for your facility at no cost.

Questions about CICAP?

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