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Leaf Bad Air Quality at the Door - Eight Houseplants that Suck Up Toxins

There are many benefits to welcoming green-leafed guests into your space. Studies have suggested that plants have positive psychological impacts in the home and office, including lower blood pressure, increased productivity, and improved well-being.

Studies also show that rooms with plants contain up to 60% fewer airborne molds and bacteria, and NASA’s famous clean air study showed that houseplants also remove harmful toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Here are some houseplants that can make your home or office a healthier place to live and breathe.

It’s winter, so move the garden inside and enjoy clean air year round.

Other tips for improving your indoor air quality.

  • Keep windows open as much as possible when the weather allows. This will keep your home or office ventilated and—as an added bonus—you’ll cut back on energy emissions.
  • Buy used furniture. Not only do you give a perfectly good dresser or desk new life (and keep it out of a landfill), older furniture has shed most of its toxins.
  • Choose VOC-free products for home projects and remodels. This goes for hobby supplies, too. Many VOC-free glues, varnishes, etc., are available today.
  • HEPA air purifiers—not ozone generators—are also effective at removing pollutants.

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